Assolo Lambrusco secco Frizzante Reggiano DOC - Medici Ermete x 6

Assolo Lambrusco secco Frizzante Reggiano DOC - Medici Ermete
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Data sheet

Medici Ermete
Emilia Romagna
Reggiano DOP
100% Lambrusco Maestri

Why the winemaker recommends Medici Ermete Assolo Dry Lambrusco Frizzante Reggiano DOC

The Lambrusco Assolo from Cantina Medici takes us to the production vineyards of the most renowned and famous Lambrusco wines from Romagna, the native Reggiani Ancellotta and Salamino, and discover the oenological workers involved in making sparkling wine. In this sparkling wine, a blend of grapes, the presence of the Ancellotta as a fruity fruit is pleasantly expressed, as is the extraordinary shelf life of the Lambrusco Salamino (similarity in size of the bunch to the salamino). A Brut refermented in an autoclave with the Martinotti Method, of which the Medici Ermete winery has acquired experience for over a century. A versatile dry and sparkling sparkling wine, suitable for making dinners harmonious, from the aperitif to the entire meal.

Characteristics of the Assolo dei Medici Ermete sparkling wine

Dry Lambrusco Frizzante Reggiano DOC Assolo by Medici Ermete, produced from Lambrusco Salamino and Ancellotta del Reggiano grapes. Emilia Romagna red wines, keepable with an average alcohol content of 11.50% vol. Ruby red colour, dry sparkling wine with evanescent foam. Floral and harmonious scent. Rich and sparkling in the mouth, easy to drink, slightly sweet, with a good finish

Recommended pairings for this dry Lambrusco sparkling red wine

Assolo Dry Lambrusco sparkling Medici Ermete with starters: Parma ham, salamella, mortadella, culatello; first courses: Emilian excellences: pumpkin and herb tortelli, cappelletti in broth, stews, Emilian tagliatelle with meat sauce, stuffed roasts, fried lamb chops, risotto with pumpkin and mushrooms. Vegetables lasagne.

Uncork immediately and serve dry Lambrusco sparkling Assolo by Medici Ermete at a temperature between 10 - 12°C in a Renano glass.

Medici Ermete winery

Medici Ermete, a family born to make wine. Astonishing yourself every day, using intelligence, knowledge and wisdom inevitably leads to goals that are not easily predictable. Four generations of Reggiana winemaking families for one hundred years.

... Medici Ermete

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