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Red Wines

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Red wines

Drink a good red wine has become a good daily habit. The time dedicated to food remains a moment of intimate understanding. Let us be enchanted by the scents of the land of origin of the wine or food product, it will make us wander in a world without borders. Our online wine shop takes you with the hand in search of your Italian red wines of each region. Find out everything we have searched for you, tasted, and discussed with manufacturers in the cellars, prestigious, noble or less well known to the public. This online page is dedicated to the Top of Italian red wines that you can find in this shop online.


Italy, wine, preserves, and strives to maintain a heritage of immense size from approximately 312 clones of grapes, red wine, intended to obtaining bottles of the precious “nectar of Bacchus”. Every wine-producing region in turn has areas of soil and climate different, contributing positively to the non-standardization of red wines, leaving folded in if the scents and flavours of the area of production. In short, the Italian red wines are a true enobiblioteca wine, transcribing, on the labels the origin of the historical identity, the techniques of farming and manufacturing. Each wine is given a designation of origin and belonging, the D. O. C. D. O. C. G. I. G. P. or I. G. T. Is drawn up and the identity card, a passport that will make every bottle of wine unique in flavour and scents in the world.


Our activities, to the winemaker before, and the ambassadors of the red wine in the world, then, allow us to guide you and help you choose the products that meet your needs in terms of taste. There are red wines Premium from the regions of Italy, suitable for the production, like the red wines from veneto, piedmont wines, red wines from puglia, sicilian wines, abruzzo wines , and wines from the lucanians, who represent the power of wine to 360°. Other production realities of small and medium size, less well-known, but high quality, they know how to tell the territory of many prestigious wine zones. You choose your wine, red preferred, with the possibility to choose among hundreds of wines from the cellars of the famous to go play it safe, or let you guide by our costumar care for a tip to match with food.


A wine for every occasion, therefore, going on a wine lively with the bubbles, latches, aged or barricaded, sweet , to satisfy everyone. Each page in our selection, you can find for each of the red wine with all the necessary information to help you make the right choice, quality is of excellent price-quality ratio. A technical data sheet “chemical-physical” and a picture of the back label as a guarantee of the consumer. We are committed to give a personal opinion on the analysis of the wine “because the council”, which explains our choice. Valuable information that will give you an idea about our wines. The choice of red wines becomes less complicated if we let ourselves be guided by what you think the critical sector. Feedback on the guides, international awards, and the suggestion of a discounted price can be updated with a simple click. Today buy a good red wine is a great pleasure, simply from the comfort of home, in the car or in moments of break, sat back and relaxed to browse our catalogue of wines online. All your questions will find the right answer in the fascinating world of red wines. The savings and quality always 100% guaranteed.

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