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Spirits & Liqueurs

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Spirits and Liqueurs

Not only fruit, but also vegetables and cereals can contribute as ingredients in the production of spirits and liqueurs, each according to their needs, territorial vocation, the use and tradition, or to easy availability of the raw material.


Our country has countless producers and master distillers in every region of Italy. Initially, the product obtained from the distillation, e.g.: from the pomace of grapes was considered to be a by-product of the winemaking process, under evaluated because they are not required by the market. The production of the distillate was consumed by the same manufacturer for personal use and by friends and acquaintances. The major producers of the time were inhabitants montanari, frequent consumers for the sole purpose to derive a greater benefit to the heating body during the colder months of the year.


But what is distillation? It is a process wine craft very old, performed with the two methods, and schools of thought different: the discontinuous method, and the method is continuous. With the first method is by using the in copper stills, the famous and still is today, thestill Charente. Used for the production of Cognac, in which is inserted the raw material, the marc, and you pull out the Grappa or Cognac (in French), due to the effect of “evaporation” is produced on the inside of the boiler. Each time the operation is over, you must empty and clean the still, before starting over with a new crush.


With the method in a continuous (industrial), you use l’alambic Armagnacais, a column of great size, tall up to 20 metres, which will operate at infinite loop, because the raw material to be distilled flows without interruption, from which they extract the alcohol or Armagnac (in French). The name and the shape of the stills vary, therefore, depending on the country of production. The difference between Cognac and Armagnac, then, lies also in the use of the stills, discontinuous to the first, to continue for the second.


Great strides have been made by historical companies, and Master distillers in italy as the Andrea Da Ponte, creates the grappa single grape grappas from the pomace of Prosecco grapes, the excellence of the hills of Conegliano and the Prosecco Grappa aged in barriques. It was in the year 1846, Filippo Mazzetti in the heart of Monferrato, founded the distillery Mazzetti Altavilla for the production of Grappa from the pomace of grapes. Valerio Cavalin, the master distiller of the Old Village with the distillation of grappa, delicate and lovely: Grappa Gran Riserva 98” and “Grappa Barrique”, and the production of spirits in the trentino with aromatizzazioni natural.


For lovers of spirits you're in the shop online, where you can buy the best Whiskies, Brandies, Cognac, Armagnac, Rum, Gin, Vodka, Calvados and other liqueurs, and high-quality products. Distillates represent a wonderful world, where you can find the raw materials with which they are made, exceptional stories of the Italian producers and international, to discover the aromas, taste the taste of Rum, exclusive of the Caribbean, distilled from sugar cane; excellent and refined products from the distillation of wine, Cognac and Armagnac from France. The Italian Grappa from the pomace of Montepulciano d'abruzzo, Barolo, Primitivo, or Amarone. From the distillation of cereals are born of Whisky and Gin, produced mainly in anglo-saxon Countries. Normandy thebrandy Calvados cider apple or pear, Vodka, obtained by three distillations of potatoes are fermented and cereals, followed by filtration, repeated that make crystal clear the product.


Through a selection of the best distilleries and master distillers of the world, we put at your disposal a wide choice of products. Descriptions, characteristics, and especially when you want to make a good impression, a gift or make it even more enjoyable conversation after dinner, we can fill your wine cellar without having to go in search of the distillate to be perfect for the occasion. And so the character of pure and sincere your Grappa arrives on your tables.

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