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White Wines

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White wines

The search of the best white wines in the our online wine shop is easy, following an index in the list of manufacturers of established wine producers for each region of Italy and can satisfy the taste of demanding palates. The wine scene on the production of white wines of the thickness can boast of a great variety of clones, approximately 117, reply to numerous mentions as dictated by the production disciplinary of belonging: the D. O. C., D. O. C. G., I. G. P.,.The.G.T...., The organoleptic characteristics of white wines manage to surprise, often the taster, depending on the procedures of vinification adopted is able to extract from the white grapes, grown in areas of particular adaptability to the pedo-climate, the flavours and the perfumes properly of the place, hard to trace elsewhere.


Tasting an excellent white wine, often is captured by the color, for example: straw-yellow with greenish reflections, index of freshness, young wine, produced in the last harvest year. Or going to the wines aged in the bottle and stored for several years, the color tends to golden yellow or amber. The clarity and gloss is, properly speaking, an analysis that is verifiable to the naked eye, as a possible effervescence, especially in the wines of the volcanic white. The soils rich in minerals give the wine a flavor marked such as to induce in the mouth of the taster increased salivation, and is perceived as a wine, just moved or “natural sparkling”, with the formation of nano-bubbles on the walls of the glass. The indicator of refinement for a white wine is the scent. You may perceive smells, according to the capacity of each taster, scents that carry associations to plant: herbs, hay, as the pink flowers of the peach, jasmine, dried roses, fruits: green apple, citrus fruits in general, tropical fruits.Usually remains an association questionable and opinionabile, leaving to each assessor with the task of discovering, and make unique each bottle.


An explosion of nuances of taste, can give your palate of all our white wines, to choose from if you still, sparkling or sweet, and easily to match with the (starters, first, seconds, and sweets). The freshness of a very young white wine sees accompany fish dishes: from crudités to crustaceans, to sea urchins to mussels of taranto. Italian white wines with a greater footprint and structure, and at affordable prices, can find the combination that you desire the most, leaving you to travel your mind and remember trips and itineraries in this splendid Italy of the taste.


Through a selection of the best wineries of the world, we put at your disposal a wide choice of products. Descriptions and organoleptic characteristics, and especially when you want to make a good impression and to make it even more pleasant the food we can fill your wine cellar without having to go in search of the white wine perfect for the occasion. And' so that the solar character of the white wine arrives on your tables.

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