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Veneto red wines

Veneto: land of Italian red wines

Italy is a country rich in history, traditions, art and culture that the whole world envies, its is a special beauty made up of small and large realities, characterized by picturesque landscapes, between the blue of the sea and the green of the hills and the mountains, in addition to its great artistic heritage. Italy: a country of saints, navigators and poets yes, but also of lovers of good food and Italian red wines, because among the greatest wonders of the beautiful country there is the immense food and wine tradition, such as to be considered a worldwide excellence. There is a region whose territory best expresses this peculiarity: Veneto, a land dedicated to enology for centuries whose identity is an integral part, it is not possible to think of Veneto without mentioning one of its many labels. The DOC and DOCG Veneto red wine comes mostly from native vines and the oenological culture of the region is the result of a legacy that has been handed down for centuries and favors the various typical features of the production areas trying to make the most of them. Red Veneto is the non plus ultra in terms of wine, thanks to the careful selection of the grapes, the care of the vineyards, the passion and dedication that determine its great quality. The Veneto region benefits from a soil rich in particular nutrients that favor the cultivation of vines and therefore each bottle has all the elements to be considered the top. A terroir that allows the Veneto to contend for a special primacy every year, that of the most productive and extensive wine-growing region. The composition of the soil mainly rich in sand and limestone and the varied climate are essential factors for obtaining products of the highest quality.

The red wines of the Veneto

Among the best red wines, Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG deserves one of the highest ranks, considered by leading experts to be one of the best Italian wines thanks to its complexity and great aging potential. The wine has a ruby red color which over the years becomes almost garnet and has a very pronounced aroma, it is dry, velvety and intense on the palate. Amarone della Valpolicella is produced from the Corvinone, Rondinella and Corvina vines and the specification provides for the technique of drying the grapes, in order to be able to concentrate the colour, smell and structure and obtain exclusive and prestigious bottles.

Also in the province of Verona another classic Venetian red wine is produced: the Bardolino Superiore DOCG, made with grapes from the Corvina, Rondinella, Corvinone and Molinara vines. The choice of grapes selected with care and meticulousness and the one-year refinement are the main characteristics of this wine so precious and appreciated all over the world. The color is ruby red which, thanks to aging, obtains nuances tending towards garnet, the scent is delicate while the flavor is sapid, intense and with a woody aftertaste. Only from the renowned vine of the same name is Merlot made, one of the most classic red wines of the Veneto region, the result of a careful and scrupulous tradition. The production area is in the province of Padua and takes its name from the municipality of Merlara from which Merlara Merlot DOC originates. A red wine for connoisseurs, with a ruby red color that turns into garnet with ageing. Merlot should be served at a maximum temperature between 18° and 20° and is excellent in combination with red meat and first courses that require elaborate sauces. The soft and balanced flavor is the main prerogative of this wine capable of enhancing the aromas of all dishes.

From Valpolicella to Marzemino

The Valpolicella Classico Superiore is a special wine that is produced from selected grapes coming only from the area of the province of Verona. All stages of processing, from harvesting to aging, are crucial for its realization. The scent is persistent and very intense and on the palate you can perceive the notes of cherry, black pepper and plum. A wine with rare characteristics that goes well with appetizers and first and second courses of meat. Valpolicella Ripasso is also produced in the Valpolicella area, a wine which has a special role in this classification as it is obtained thanks to the mix between Amarone and Valpolicella Superiore. The wine is well structured and has a high alcohol content and lower acidity. You can perceive hints of red fruit and vanilla together, on the palate it is velvety and dry. The ideal combination is with all meat-based dishes such as braised meat and steak, but it is also excellent with game. Another great excellence among the red wines of the Veneto is the Cabernet Sauvignon IGT, made with grapes from the homonymous vine and other red berried ones. Its color is bright red and it has fruity, spicy and herbaceous notes, ideal for both lunch and dinner meals. It is a soft and light wine perfect for all palates much loved by all great enthusiasts. In the Piave area the Friularo Veneto red wine is produced with grapes from the Raboso Piave vine and other red grapes that are not particularly aromatic. This wine has the typical smell of grapes which makes it particularly sapid and dry. It has a light ruby red color which, thanks to ageing, has the ability to transform into a darker garnet. It can be easily combined with any meat-based dish because it enhances its aroma and taste.

With a particularly light taste, Corvina Veneto IGT is one of the many bottles made in the renowned Valpolicella area, obtained from grapes from the homonymous vines. Its not excessive alcohol content, equal to 12°, makes it particularly suitable for all palates, even for those who do not like strong flavours. It is perfect in combination with all red meats but also with the best aged cheeses. Marzemino is produced thanks to grapes from the homonymous vines and the addition of other red berried ones. It is a wine with a lively red colour, intense, pleasant and very pleasant on the palate. The most suitable combination is with polenta, a typical dish from the Veneto region, but also with roast pork, mushrooms, braised meat and white meat. Also try it with fish.

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