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Italy is home to many of the most famous wines in the world, with some regions that stand out for their DOC varieties and of particular value.

One of these is Abruzzo, which stands out for some of the most full-bodied and aromatic reds, able to accompany meat-based dishes from appetizers to main courses.

These are variants that come from historic controlled and certified vines and that over time have received all the appropriate awards as regards the production system and the processing of local grapes.

So let's see in detail what are the most valuable variants that you can bring to the table, to enjoy a food and wine experience capable of leaving its mark, at 360 degrees from the point of view of food and red wine.

Which are the most famous Abruzzese wines

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Teramane Hills DOC Fantini

The DOC designation, one of the most prestigious awards that the Fantini group and the Bosco Nestore Winery have received for their production of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC wine, as it indicates the controlled designation of origin.

In this case we are talking about a red wine with an intense ruby ​​color, which immediately reveals its organoleptic characteristics only from the color.

In fact, we are talking about the denomination that deserves to be enjoyed with all the senses, starting from the intense color and with purple hues, which tend to increase if aging is greater.

As for the smell, this is decidedly intense and persistent, with some aromatic notes that can be felt immediately by approaching the nostrils and bring back to a bucolic and wooded dimension.

The ethereal fragrance is combined with a velvety texture on the palate, which descends without difficulty leaving an alcoholic aftertaste only at the end.

The taste is full and intense, very dry and above all robust, ideal for those who like to feel the taste of wine in their mouth and are not afraid of strongly aromatic notes.

The ideal is to marry this Abruzzo wine with a rich and tasty second course of meat, seasoned with sauces and spices that are enhanced by the strong flavor of the drink, which tends to make itself felt without overcoming the rest.

Magliocco or Gallop Villa Colle

The autochthonous variety proves to be an excellence of the territory, which for years has received the recognition of controlled origin.

It is specifically a red wine produced in the Ville Colle winery, 14% Vol, with a slightly herbaceous flavor and at the same time delicate on the palate.

Contrary to those mentioned above, slightly more full-bodied, this wine is fresher and lighter and lends itself to being drunk with less rich meat dishes and during the summer season. The color is a slightly lighter and less consistent red, with ruby ​​hues when aging is greater. You will feel all the notes of the forest with every sip and you will be able to appreciate the aromas present through smell and taste.

Frappato rosciola and red Malvasia

Directly from the Pescara hinterland, this wine comes from Frappato rosciola and red Malvasia grapes, which fully shows the characteristics of this kind of vine which has almost disappeared.

It is a valuable variant that has received this recognition over time and maintains it thanks to strictly controlled production systems.

In particular, the wines of Villa Colle are distinguished by the very dark color in the glass, with purple hues due to aging in cask.

The notes that immediately reach the nose are very spicy, with sweet peaks that recall the wood and therefore the wooded reality.

Discrete acidity that however balances well on the palate, thanks to the warm and full-bodied consistency that allows the liquid to go down perfectly, with an alcohol content of about 14%, this Abruzzo wine is accompanied by all kinds of meat dishes, preferring in particular like dishes based on game and game, with a very intense taste that requires a drink with a persistent thrust.

Ciliegiolo Terre Aquilane IGT Di Sipio

Varietal strongly appreciated by wine lovers, who find this red vinified in white perfectly balanced and with a very delicate intense taste. A perfect wine to serve on the table when you have varied guests, as it is capable of satisfying different tastes with the same effectiveness.

The color is a very light red, which results in a full-bodied and very persistent flavor, but without the other flavors being covered.

Coming from the vines located close to the Silente - Velino Natural Park (AQ), vinified in the Cantina Di Sipio. It is characterized by the flavor of red fruits, such as black cherries that are felt from the first sip, or raspberries and spices that give a great aroma to the whole composition.

We can define the product tannic to the taste point, fresh but at the same time enveloping and full-bodied, savory and with an average alcohol content with its 13% Vol.

A perfect wine to serve on the table when you have varied guests, as it is capable of satisfying different tastes with the same effectiveness.

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