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Rosé Wines

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Rosé Wines

The rosé wines or rosé conquer more and more the attention of the media overseas. We learn of what has developed in Apulia in the last half of the last century, and of the work that the association rosé wines of Puglia in the world. A credit must go to the Azienda agricola Leone de Castris with whom to congratulate for the work done in seventy-four harvests (1943). A compelling story, in which the entrepreneur quenching exceptional, can turn to their advantage the innumerable difficulties to produce high quality wine during the period of the war, “Armistice of 8 September”. In Puglia, occupied, at the end of ‘43, the hero of the story manages to produce an excellent and innovative wine for a new generation of consumers. The story unfolds like a Novel to Drink, which keeps alive the attention of the reader by telling of vineyards and wines. This could be a good omen for grant to Italian rosé wine with the same dignity of the wines, reds and whites. A value, an identity, of ancient and noble traditions, territorial and be able to enjoy, finally, of all the intermediate shades, are often the most fascinating.


Especially in the Tavoliere delle Puglie, we find a large production of rosé still wines, semi-sparkling and Brut of high quality: “Madame farm in the Sun, Rosé D araprì Brut Classic Method. Particularly the famous Salice Salentino, the “Five Roses”, which, by vocation, produces solante Rosé wines organic. The production of rosé wines in Italy occupies 6% of the consumption of the internal market, something more is destined for export. The production techniques reflect those used to produce white wines. The land of origin of production of the grapes, the practices in the cellar characterize the final result. You use only red grapes, preferably with a good aroma and good acidity to give aromas and pleasant freshness to the wine. After crushing of the grapes the skins remain in contact with the juice only a few hours (3 – 4) to obtain a colorful blossom. A colour more sharp you can get it by the wine-making practice of the bloodletting on the red grapes. Taking the free-run juice from the marc of the grapes left to ferment within 24 hours, and then fermentation is traditional. The control of the fermentation temperature in a range between 5 – 7 °C, facilitates the extraction of aromas and perfumes, we can obtain rosé wines, with characteristics very similar to a white with good body and structure, with tannins imperceptible to the palate. The Italian Rosé wine, usually do not lend themselves to ageing, since they have a low content of polyphenols and tend to quickly lose acidity. Give the best in the first two years from production, when the floral and fruity notes of the bouquet preserve all the aromatic intensity.


At the table the food pairings with the rosé wine is second to none. They are appreciated for freshness and delicacy-for example, those of the Alto Adige, paired with soups and delicate first courses. The fragrant rosé wines of Puglia with the Nero di Troia, the salentino Negroamaro fish important, fish soups, seafood starters, white meat. The more structured Cerasuolo d'abruzzo, fruity, dry taste, soft, with almond aftertaste. With first dishes of pescara, delicate meats, smoked cheese, fresh pecorino cheese. The traditional chiaretti del Garda D. O. C. on cod fillets meunière, tomato soup and tofu, roasted, grilled. The charming, the incomparable Italian Champagne Rosé Classic Method, V. s.q. (Quality sparkling wine), sparkling wine, gastronomic excellence in France who was very much respected by connoisseurs accompanies with dignity, noodles with sauce, soup, fish, roast, cheese with a short maturation period.


In the excellence of rosé wines Italian is confirmed also in Sicily, which are collecting more and more awards. Etna Rosato Doc, pinkish colour, tending to ruby. Monreale Rosato Doc in Palermo, a pale pink color and a fruity scent; Nero d'avola Rosato DOC, western Sicily. Food pairings: spicy foods, pepper, garlic, basil, thyme, onion, and not only. Very good with penne, tuna, and balsamic vinegar; fusilli with anchovies and tuna; mussels au gratin; eggplant roulade on creamy pumpkin soup, grouper fish; pasta with delicate sauces, meats. In the pages of our selection dedicated to rosé wines, you can find for each wine, all the necessary information to help you make the right choice: the producer, the region, the quality, in addition to an excellent price-quality ratio. Tabs “chemical-physical” and the image of the back label as a guarantee of the consumer. In addition, we are committed to provide a personal opinion on the wine, “because the council”, which explains our mode of choice, with a suggestion of a discounted price. Today buy a good rosé wine has become more simple, from the comfort of home, in the car or in moments of break, sat back and relaxed to browse our wine catalogue online. All your questions will find the right answer in the fascinating world of rosé wines. The savings and the quality is always 100% guaranteed.

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