• Agricola Ladogana srl - Sessanta Passi


    In the vast territory of Capitanata Gargano slopes holds a historic Winery and aristocratic, the farm Ladogana.

  • Ai Rabaj

    Born in 2005 driving The wine maker Rigo Philip and Salatin Andrea two young boys that
    decide to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather Philip, John the Baptist, between hazelnuts, grapes and 2012
    wine is added.

  • AlbaRossa

    Among breathtaking landscapes between Vittorio Veneto and Valdobbiadene which boasts a wine history spanning two millennia, the Lorenzon family

  • Albinea Canali

    The high quality of the wines are transformed into quality products for catering. An unmistakable, unique imprint, as unique as Lambrusco, the basis of the success of the Reggiana Albinea Canali Agricultural Company ...

  • Allegrini

    Allegrini is a renowned Italian family winery with a history dating back to 1854, located in the picturesque wine region of Valpolicella, in the province of Verona. The Allegrini family is passionate about their land and local winemaking traditions, producing high quality wines, including the famous Valpolicella Ripasso and the exclusive Amarone.

  • Ambra

    Giuseppe Rigoli, known as Beppe, is the mind and soul of the farm. Well-worn forty years, Agronomist and Winemaker, descendant of the owners' family ...

  • Antonio Rigoni

    We are straddling the region of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the Rigoni Wine Estate of Chiarano, a production company in the province of Treviso. 20 hectares of vineyards, in a luxuriant territory, land rich in mineral salts, elements that give finesse, elegance and elegance to unique and inimitable wines.

  • Apolio

    The company operates through a continuous cycle extraction processing plant cold product that combines the tradition of pressing with granite millstones 2 able to grind the olive without altering the product.

  • Aresca Vini

    The Aresca Winery in Mombercelli in the Langhe is 70 years old. Founded by the brothers Luigi and Piero winegrowers and a single shared and realized goal. They transform the passion and care of the rows into a family business that has been producing wine for three generations. 

  • Ariola


    The connection to the Earth love for traditions becomes a passion. The vineyards lie fertile hills of Po Valley,

  • Assuli

    Grapes and rows of vines in which there are native grapes of Nero d'Avola, Zibibbo, Insolia, Catarratto, Grillo, Perricone, to which Roberto Caruso pays great attention to wines for the absolute genuineness and character ...

  • Attems

    The Marchesi Frescobaldi boasts of representing the almost millennial history of the production of wines from great vineyards in Italy. The historicity of the Frescobaldi family extends to Friuli Venezia Giulia and precisely to the Attems estate...

  • Avignonesi

    The Avignonesi estate is a historical reality detected by Virginie Saverys in 2009. Located in the most representative agricultural wine-growing context such as the Tuscany region, it tells the richness and beauty of the territory of Montepulciano and Cortona ...

  • Azienda Agricola Cagliero

    The ancient family of Piedmontese winemakers wineries Cagliero, Barolese dating back to 1500.

  • Azienda Agricola Esposito Giovanni

    Giovanni Esposito Agricultural Company is set in a corner of Puglia between the slopes of Subappennino Dauno near the Puglie board. An area where the value for the heritage of the wine culture is still alive

  • Baglio di Pianetto


    The Baglio di Pianetto has a profile totally green. A company founded in 1997 in the countryside of Palermo, at the hands of Count Paolo Marzotto. Committed, by its constitution, to produce quality-low environmental impact on the totality of the cultivated area in approximately 160...

  • Ballabio Vini

    Angelo Ballabio simple and well prepared man is considered among the pioneers of the Classic Method since 1905, tying Pinot Noir to the territory of Casteggiano (PV), tracing the road of the local vocation - screw

  • Barone di Serramarrocco

    The Strada del Vino Erice Doc Sicily, and is included in an area planted with vines in the regional of more than 65,000 hectares. The most extensive of Europe, in which the Region of Sicily, in virtue of the wine-growing tradition, wanted to protect the vineyards under the name of the Vineyard of Serramarrocco,...

  • Bassoli

    We love Lambrusco, in different varieties, and the same vineyards with the same attitude, we love to produce excellent wine that can represent the territory, people and respect the consumer ...

  • Begali

    In the Valpolicella area in San Pietro in Cariano, work to achieve the "absolute quality" goal that never loses sight and is always the same, year after year

  • Bergamo Vini

    The great success of the Bergamo winery in the enological field is its heritage of native vines, such as Prosecco, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Friulano or Raboso, undisputed protagonist of the Piave DOC wine area. Territorial diversity ...

  • Bertinga

    Vitivinicola Bertinga, a personal imprint to interpret the territory ...

  • Bibite Bona

    Already from the beginning of the 40s he began to produce in Sicily, the first Gaseous, and wanting it, was an enterprising man Vincenzo Bona. Immediately after the post-war period the desire to rebuild has increased, and the production activity of the Gas was also extended to other products closely linked to the territory as the Orange, the sweet Soda, and Lemonade...

  • Biserno

    The Biserno Estate is immersed in a breathtaking landscape and natural environment. The peculiarity of the land, due to its complex geology, has contributed to reserving an exclusive project for it at the adjacent Tenuta dell'Ornellaia,...

  • Borgo Vecchio

    The Distilleries Borgo Vecchio represent the pinnacle of the Trentino Grappa in which Valerio Cavalin is the master distiller and has made his mission a distillate.

  • Bosco Nestore

    As in the high representatives of the military, we give honor to the Cellar Forest. Have passed 120 years from the laying of the first stone for the work of the young wine grower pescara Giovanni Bosco...

  • Botromagno

    Botromagno, expression of that Puglia DOC that fully embodies the great capacity of the Apulian terroir in making rosé wines of absolute value. You are spoiled for choice with Botromagno wineries, a production company that recognizes high quality ...

  • Bottiglieria Sanna

    Sardinia, beautiful land in the heart of Planargia, in the land of fruits, wild, spontaneous, where the family Sanna in the respect of nature collects the essences and produce liqueurs according to the tradition...

  • Brancaia

    The awareness of being in a territory made of vineyards, olive trees, cypresses is transformed into a strong love for it, to the point to involve in 1998 Barbara Widmer, daughter and oenologist, co-responsible for production, flanked by the oenologist Ferrini. The winery recognizes the great enological potential of the area and tends to look ...

  • Bricco Carlina

    La Carlina is a family-run winery founded in 2014, certified organic since 2015, which is committed to organic and eco-sustainable viticulture. The vineyards extend between the Langhe and Monferrato, and our cellar is located on the slopes of the Grinzane castle. We create wines that respect the typicality, varieties and vineyards of our territory, using only sulphur, copper and organic manure. Discover our history of tradition and innovation for sustainable wines.

  • Bricco dei Guazzi

    ... the art of making wine is acquired from the past and is constantly updated without being content to repeat it ...

  • Broccardo

    The success of the Broccardo farm, led by Filippo, Laura and Federica, stems from their talent, from the strong belief '' a great wine is born in the vineyard '' by making wine in some of the best Barolos ever produced ...

  • Cà dei Frati

    Years of work in the vineyard and in the cellar combined with the generational succession sees the entry of new forces and ideas, the Cà dei Frati winery begins to produce the first Lugana label in ...

  • Ca' Tullio

    The winemaking tradition of Friuli combined with local food highlights the territoriality of its productions. The sober and elegant Ca 'Tullio labels harmoniously symbolize the Sun, the main author in order to express the enological power of Merlot, Cabernet, Friulano, Pinot wines ...

  • Canoso

    There is no such thing as a century the Canoso Family, driven by perpetual passion, has led a lustrous courage to the quality of the Veneto wines, cultivating with passion the native vineyards on the hills of the Classic area of Soave.

  • Cantina Cerasa Azienda Agricola Lisciandrello

    Cellar Cerasa in Sicily, an island to be discovered and we do it with the insiders as well as by those who had the ability to believe in a project for the production and qualification of the sicilian territory. Terre Siciliane synonymous with terroir, is a part of the world where it is understood the winning...

  • Cantina Clarabella

    Clarabella is a social cooperative and producer of organic Franciacorta wines. Organic cultivation, land conservation and development of tourism projects. Its wines are characterized by a fine and persistent perlage, a bouquet with notes of fermentation in the bottle, citrus and dried fruit and a savory, fresh, fine and harmonious flavour. It manages 10 hectares of vineyards with organic methods.

  • Cantina Fontezoppa

    It is the association with the land that hides the secret of good wine. An alliance between territory and tradition from which the Marche draws greater strength. From the earth it is necessary to leave to tell the story of Cantine Fontezoppa.

  • Cantina Gaggiano

    Learn about the history of the Fabris family and Gaggiano's philosophy in producing red wines of the Alto Piemonte denomination such as Gattinara DOCG, Bramaterra DOC and Coste della Sesia DOC. Located in the municipality of Lessona, the Gaggiano winery uses soils with unique climatic and geological conditions to produce high quality grapes. The refinement of the wines takes place in the basement with second passage French oak tonneaux and 26 hl Austrian oak barrels to maximize traceability and the typical character of Upper Piedmont.

  • Cantina Imperatori

    Cantina Imperatori, aims at quality, with the aim of producing high quality wines intended for consumers of excellent wines. In fact, the Imperatori family owns clones of grapes grown since Roman times, probably escaped the advent of phylloxera. ...

  • Cantine Strapellum

    Yesterday ... 1997, Cantina Di Palma in the heart of Lucania, in the city of Rionero in Vulture from which you can admire the ancient volcano whose unlit bowls welcome the lakes of Monticchio ...

  • Capezzana

    ... alive and vibrant wines, the excellent Carmignano of the appellation, with an amazing longevity. A simple method of farming with a clear conscience and leaving a fertile land with "integrated respect" ...

  • Caricone

    Caricone is a family of artisans from Puglia, founded in 1925.

  • Carlin de Paolo

    Carlin de Paolo makes his wine in the vineyard rows. Through the experience of sustainable viticulture

  • Carpineto

    Since 1967 Carpineto, a brand of international success, in producing great wines in the Chianti Classico. Innovators by tradition, families continue to experiment with Carpineto products starting from the vineyards of the prestigious DOCG wines to large-scale varietal wines...

  • Casa di Grazia

    The uniqueness of the island, produces wines symbol of volcanic Sicily. Under the direction of Tonino Guzzo, the winemaker of the winery "Casa di Grazia" flows from the fragrant and warm clusters of Frappato "Euphorya", from the Moscato "Adorè", from the Grillo "Zahara", from the Cerasuolo di Vittoria "Victorya 1607", finally and not least from the Nero d'Avola "Gradiva Collectio" and the Syrah "Emiryam"

  • Cascina Sòt

    Born in 1975, Cascina Sot is a farm that is located in Monforte d'Alba, and was purchased by Mary and Joseph after they have worked for years in the property as sharecroppers.

  • Case Bianche

    The high vocation and historic wine region Veneto. The prestigious lands of humanistic traditions, technical and scientific nature.

  • Castelle

    ... The agronomic conduction foresees, a system of espalier breeding, for varietals of Falanghina, Aglianico, Barbera del Sannio, the adoption of programs of good agricultural practice in organic cultivation. The experimentation of vineyard grassing projects is underway. The goal is to preserve the integrity of the soil, positively favoring the development of the vine ...

  • Castello Bonomi

    The wines come to life in the fertile lands and, above all, are born from the hands of men and women who have skills, tenacity, experience and passion for viticulture.

  • Ca’ De’ Medici

    Ca 'dè Medici Winery A.D.1911, founded by Remigio Medici, today the company is in its fourth generation. The founder leaves the business, due to sudden death, to his eldest son, Regolo, aged 21. Remigio began to focus on the production and sale of bottled Lambrusco, anticipating the times...

  • Ca’ d’Or

    Maison Ca ’d’Or, between the hills of Lake Iseo and Lake Garda, a distinctive union of native territories characterized by natural wines, Ca’ D’Or Franciacorta DOCG and Ca ’D’Or Italian DOC method

  • Ceretto

    Cantina ceretto.jpg

    Bruno and Marcello Ceretto, two brothers united by a single common denominator “of the Earth first of all.” During the years ’60, for the sons of Riccardo Ceretto there was a goal to create a winery in areas geographically and geologically valid to be able to produce the grapes and the purpose of winemaking, individually.A true stroke of genius...

  • Château Gravas

    Six generations have succeeded, but the Gravas, Claverie and Bernard vineyards have remained contained for about 8 hectares for decades. While the prestigious La Climens, Coutet and Doisy-Daëne Château Gravas grows, it enjoys an exceptional terrain...

  • Château-Fuissé

    The Château-Fuissé is located in the heart of the Mâconnais vineyards in the south of Burgundy. The Vincent family, owner since 1862, produces wines of exceptional quality, improving the privileged situation of its 40-hectare estate. The vinification of Antoine Vincent, in the fifth generation, is an intelligent mix between...

  • Ciavolich

    succulent and golden clusters of Trebbiano, Cococciola, Pecorino, Chardonnay, Moscato, Passerina, and red grapes that are great resonance in the international wine world, Montepulciano d'Abruzzo ...

  • Cifarelli

    The Apennine mountain range reserve suggestive panoramas, places where time has carved the stones narrandosi. From Monte Vulture to the hills of Matera sassi di Matera ...

  • Col de’ Salici

    These are the years of Tignanello and the Marchesi Antinori, becoming the benchmark for quality in the sector. The quality wine of which Giancarlo Notari is part of the great transformation and which affects the production and consumption of wine in Italy...

  • Conterno Fantino

    ... founded in 1982 by Conterno & Fantino is located in Monforte d'Alba an area where vineyards stretch for the production of exceptional grapes destined to produce the great Piedmontese red wines such as Barolo and the best

  • Conti Costanti

    The wines of the new world can compete with Italian wines, what they can never get is the millenary history that each productive territory has wisely built, consolidated and handed down to new generations. ...

  • Cottanera

    A large cultivated area of about one hundred hectares. Most of them in the last twenty years play an important role, the cultivation of "extreme" vineyards ...

  • d'Araprì

    The Good earth of the Capitanata of Puglia or the “Land of the Catapan”, extended to over 7000 km2 in the northern part of the Puglia region, corresponding to the ancient Daunia, and today is the capital of the province of Foggia, which includes the Tavoliere delle Puglie, Gargano and Subappennino Dauno...

  • Dal Forno Romano

    ..There are interpreters of the territory who manage to transfer the true poetry of a place, its perfumes and its history beyond any current fashion into the glass, capable of giving emotions while preserving their memories ...

  • Dario Coos

    … The wines of Dario Coos speak by telling from the glass of what is the best excellence of the north on the Colli Orientali del Friuli. Entire generations have ...

  • De Bacco

    At the beginning of the 20th century viticulture was a great source of livelihood for the Feltrine families, and the De Bacco company seized the moment.

  • De Stefani

    ... Marzemino and Prosecco; in the Piave valley, in the Le Ronche and Pra 'Longo estates in Monastier di Treviso, the Raboso Piave for the production of the Malanotte.

  • de Tarczal

    The azienda de Tarczal began its development in the golden years of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, when on the tables of the Court, the Marzemino was de rigueur. Located in the area of Vallagarina, a land of centuries of viticultural vocation, offering to the connoisseur noticed a range of precious wines of a solid and proven reputation.

  • DI.S.PA.C. s.r.l.

    From 1972, in that family "Casale", the idea of bringing love for my land and its products to tables all over the world was born !!

  • Dianella


    Dianella represents in an original way, how to appreciate the best that Tuscany has to offer, directly at the source of a Tuscan wine estate with breathtaking views and a simply spectacular wine ...

  • Distilleria Andrea Da Ponte

    The soul of the fine spirit From the Bridge, we refer to a period of the end of the Nineteenth century (1892). The brothers From the Bridge, found the company in Conegliano and four years later, in 1896, Matteo Da Ponte refines the encoding of the art of liquor making mastery, giving the prints the famous manual of the distillation Method, From the Bridge...

  • Distilleria Lucrezio R

    The Distillery Lucrezio R moved to Berchidda, a beautiful village in the province of Olbia. The maintenance of the art of liquor making mastery and gastronomic traditions of sardinia, involving in an indissoluble way, the family of Lucretius R. whose will remains in continuing the noble...

  • Distillerie Lussurgesi

    Santu Lussurgiu, in Oristano province is the ancient capital of the distillation of Sardinia. Charles Pische of the Distilleries Lussurgiu is the heir of the tradition in the art of distillation on the Sardinian territory. The areal production is mentioned since ancient times, dating back to 1776...

  • Distillerie Maison Boinaud

    The Boinaud represents the tradition and expertise in the distillation of Cognac to 24 generations. With an area of 410 hectares and is wholly owned by Big Champagne. Skills, that guarantee the high quality and personality of the Cognac De Luze. With the appellation Cognac

  • Domaine Berthet Bondet

    Chantal and Jean Berthet-Bondet, both agrarian doctors, moved to Château-Chalon in 1984, gradually acquiring land. The farm has 11 hectares of vines, with the first harvest in 1985...

  • Elena Fucci

    The Fucci winery retains most of the historic premises built by the paternal grandfather, made by digging into the volcanic rock. Today used as a barrel room for the refinement of wines, and with aging acquires the most valuable organoleptic characteristic of the Aglianico wine, the "color", taking on orange reflections; in addition to the smell and intensity that grows in pleasantness with age.

  • Elio Altare

    Since 1948 Cantina Altare, sized for a family, Elio and his daughter Silvia run the company bringing a production of their wine to about 70,000 bottles a year. Labels spread all over the world to conquer increasingly demanding palates...

  • Endrizzi

    The fourth generation, represented by Paul Endrizzi, scholar, lawyer, involved with the total dedication in its vineyards, it divides his loyalty to the countryside with his wife Christine. Architect with training in the German and the Italian organisation of Paul sugellano the perfect formula. The company projected the sustainability, which is considered a lifestyle choice...

  • Entellano

    Entellano winery is the spokesperson for the recognition of the D.O.C. Countess Entellina. The bottled wines are enriched by the identity that belongs to them, awarded by the denomination are presented to the wine world with labels: Don Luca, Entellana, Lieo, La contessa, Zonjë. ...

  • Erario

    From the breeding of the plants in the vineyard to the harvest and finally in the cellar, a rigid and rigorous protocol determines the operations in the countryside. Carried out daily, regulated and marked by "meteorological" time.

  • Famiglia Cotarella

    The Cotarella family has reached a vineyard area of 370 hectares, entirely covered by native and international vines. The soil has ideal chemical-physical characteristics to allow the development of varietals of grapes differentiated by color: Verdicchio, Vermentino, Trebbiano vines ...

  • Farnese Vini

    ... young and dynamic winery of Southern Italy. Led by Valentino Sciotti, president and CEO of Farnese Vini, and founder of the group, in Ortona, Abruzzo. Qualitative research and marketing communication makes it a leader ...

  • Fattoria Svetoni

    The wines of the Svetoni estate are synonymous with authenticity and quality, we are talking about a company that manages to conquer the most refined palates every year

  • Fiorini

    The weather always brings good fruit. A hundred years have passed since the family Fiorini devotes his energies to promote the products of a territory in the province of Modena.

  • Fred Jerbis

    In the fascinating landscape of the Alps of Friuli, in the hills, Fred Jerbis find the perfect match. Culture, ancient art of distillation, natural territory for optimal...

  • Gaetano Righi

    Gaetano Righi starting from the territory, selects the raw material in the Lambrusco vineyards, mainly of Sorbara, Salamino and Grasparossa. Suitable areas in the Modena area ...

  • Giacosa Fratelli

    From 1991 to 2003 we look at the increase of the vineyards owned in the areas of origin of the wines of the Langhe. In localities: Bussia and San Pietro in Monforte d’Alba, those of Vigna Mandorlo in Castiglione Falletto up to the vineyards in Neive. A current management of 50 hectares of vineyards that follows a protocol of good agricultural practice ...

  • Gianni Gagliardo

    Winemakers from the Piedmontese Langa, in the lands of great Muscat and Dolcetto. A strong entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, pushes Paolo Colla from 1961 to cultivate and vinify Barolo ...

  • Gin Granit

    Granit Gin, by High Hausbrennerei Penninger, is the leading distiller of bavarian specialities. 100 years of experience, with 28 different spices and herbs, bio...

  • Giovanni Almondo

    … A wine company that covers 18 hectares of vineyards of Arneis and Nebbiolo, located at the northern end of the Roero in the agricultural areas of Montà. The highest territory with the Arneis vineyards have an age

  • Giribaldi

    Bio, for Mario Giribaldi, is a lifestyle, a choice. Having come to the awareness of the search for authentic quality with absolute values with respect for everyone, especially for the territory, flora and fauna. Since the ecosystem is the fulcrum that needs attention ...

  • Giusti Wine

    Giusti land ownership diversifies its vineyards, studying the natural physical and chemical structure of the land, in order to optimize the best land / variety ratio for the grapes, necessary to achieve the guaranteed quality, ...

  • Gottardi

    Pinot Nero Gottardi, from Mazzon, enjoys great popularity, a grape variety that has gained importance, considered a classic noble wine that arouses elegance and finesse ...

  • Grappa di Sarno

    Sarno, distillers, for over a hundred years, four generations of entrepreneurs bound by a red thread, with a vision of the future is very wide, courage in choices with risk capacity and ability to change...

  • Grillesino

    The Grillesino, is the ambitious project in which Saverio Notari, son and enologist of Giancarlo Notari, returned to Florence to support his father in the development of the Compagnia Del Vino in Maremma, in Magliano, Tuscany.

  • Guidi 1929

    The Guidi 1929 maison is preparing for a new milestone, one hundred years of work in the wine sector. 4 generations behind, it keeps the family business character active…

  • Il Pollenza

    In the gently rolling hills of vineyards, Parkland Tolentino 70 hectares of vineyards are situated 150 metres above sea level.

  • Jean Michel

    Family Michel, a passion for the vineyard that has lasted 160 years.

    With 12 hectares planted with vineyards of Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir of the Champagne region in Epernay, in the municipality of Moussy. Vines that give rise to wines that are distinctively distinct and rich in unique flavors. The Brut Sans Année...

  • Kellerei Kaltern - Caldaro

    In Kaltern's wine growing tradition and pride. The Kellerei Kaltern-Caldaro, Trentino Alto Adige, is made from 400 smallholders and 300 hectares of vineyards, which operate as one body offering us extraordinary wine revealing a world of work, men and sincere passion.

  • Kornell

    Pinot bianco, Sauvignon blanc and Gewürztraminer with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Lagrein red wines produced and fermented in steel tanks followed by a long refinement in large barrels and oak barrels

  • La Battagliola

    Innovation, culture and pleasure in their work are the mission of Alberto Salvadori of "La Battagliola". Producer of fine wine and fine Lambrusco Grasparossa in Castelfranco Emilia which has succeeded in its important challenge...

  • La Polena

    La Polena is a Food project with craft beer produced by Triskelia, owner of the LA POLENA ™ brand.

    Collection of craft beers of high quality value. Blonde, red, black, gluten-free, chocolate are the main variants of the quality product, unique in its kind, which is offered to the customer.

  • La Raia

    Especially indigenous grapes for La Raia, such as the award-winning Gavi DOCG: Gavi, Gavi Riserva and Gavi Pisé; and two Piedmont DOC Barbera. The cellar is well harmonized and fully reflected in the transformation project, acquires and certified Demeter

  • La Viarte

    The excellent wine comes from the earth. The laViarte di Prepotto farm, up the eastern hills of Friuli. The DOC area ... 34 hectares of vineyards and wonderful woods along the Judrio Valley ...

  • Landi Luciano

    Unique and recognizable style of wine is born in the region of Marche. In the municipality Belvedere Ostrense, located on the hills overlooking the sea at 250 meters above sea level North of Jesi.

  • Liedholm

    With the nickname "Baron" given in the path of his splendid career as a footballer, even in the ranks of Milan, which saw him score 139 goals, Nils Liedholm is dedicated to the production of wine for his family consumption then for...

  • Loredan Gasparini

    Love, Passion, the Environment, the Terroir, the fundamental values of the Winery Conte Loredan Gasparini, for the continuing research and the best you could find to offer expressions of great character and uniqueness.

  • Losito e Guarini

    The infinite love for wine crosses the 21st century. The spirit of innovation leverages the training and technological path of Losito & Guarini. Both families of origin from Puglia embrace the short supply chain project.

  • Louis Moreau

    The Moreau family has lived in Chablis since 1814 and is now in its sixth generation. Louis Moreau, a scholar in enology-viticulture at the University of California, succeeds his father. Louis favors, to the conventional, a reasoned work of the vine. It adopts the natural solution to preserve the quality of its vines and grapes...

  • Luce della Vite

    La Credere to see "Napoleon Hill". The desire to create exceptional wines Vittorio Frescobaldi had it in the nineties, in a vocated territory, Montalcino, where he met new brains like Robert Mondavi...

  • Lungarotti

    the excellence of Italian wine in the world. Recognized examples the "Rubesco" "Torre di Giano", "Vigna Monticchio" the "Vigna il Pino", "San Giorgio", all from the Lungarotti cellars

  • Luxury Wines M De Santis

    Aristocratic wines, but above all wines of impeccable quality. Retracing Le Strade del Vino, Michele De Santis transports us with glasses along a route of about 250 km, stopping in vines

  • Manzone Giovanni

    The company holds three Cru falling into the area between Serralunga d’Alba, Castiglione Folletto, Monforte d'Alba ...

  • Marchesi Frescobaldi

    The Marchesi Frescobaldi winery can boast the uniqueness in Italy of representing the almost millennial history of the production of wines from large vineyards in Tuscany. The historicity of the Frescobaldi family, thirty generations, is enough to give prestige to this name, which has become aristocratic over the centuries.

  • Marino

    We are in the provinces of Palermo and Trapani, in the Valley of the Belice, located Camporeale. A wonderful agricultural center nestled between the expanses of the plains of wheat and vineyards, battered by the hot winds of the scirocco and the excitement marina. The Belice Valley, the landscape that fascinates, impresses the human eye and makes you fall in love...

  • Maschio dei Cavalieri

    In Maschio dei Cavalieri the vines and bunches from which to obtain the sparkling wine musts, the vinification techniques such as cold and selected yeasts are the cornerstones of the entire process to bring perfection into the glass...

  • Masseria nel Sole

    Masseria nel Sole 100% BIOLOGICAL. Cultivate naturally, with love, for taste and for the soul.

  • Mauro Molino

    He began producing three of his most important crus in the municipality of La Morra: Barolo Conca, Barolo Gancia and Barolo Gallinotto. Labels that have allowed us to carry the name around the world. ...

  • Mazzetti d'Altavilla


    1846, Filippo Mazzetti in the heart of Monferrato, Montemagno, founded the first distillery for the production of Grappa from the pomace of grapes. In those times considered to be a by-product of the wine production process

  • Medici Ermete

    A family born to make wine. Stunning oneself every day, using intelligence, knowledge and wisdom inevitably leads to goals that are not easily predictable. Four generations of families of winegrowers of Reggiana, for a hundred years

  • Melis

    Wines of great pleasure, thanks to their balance and their structure, which is never aggressive. Wines to know and appreciate the equal of Vermentino and Cannonau, which identify the region. Grown at 20 meters above sea level on sandy soil, have a warm and sunny climate with low rainfall, the proximity of the sea...

  • Michele Chiarlo

    Michele Chiarlo is one of the historical founders of the Consorzio Grandi Vini, founders of the Accademia del Barolo, and of being chosen to be part of the Institute of Italian wines of great quality ...

  • Montalbera

    The wines of azienda Agricola Montalbera is born in the land of great enological potentialities and the cultural, the Monferrato. The family of Enrico Riccardo Morando, owner of the farm, devoted mainly to the production of the Ruchè...

  • Monte delle Vigne

    Monte delle Vigne is positioned on the gentle hills from the Po Valley to the peaks of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines A unique terroir, deep soils, rich in limestone and clay, allow the vines of Lambrusco, Croatina and Malvasia, Sauvignon and...

  • Monte Tondo

    Vineyards and rows of Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella are planted in the hills of Monte Tenda, Monte Foscarino and Monte Tondo. Terraces have been created for their cultivation ...

  • Montobbio

    Piemonte is the land of the great wines, the home of Italian wine in the cellar Montobbio, brothers, sisters, winemakers Armando and Aurelio Montobbio...

  • Morgante

    Sicily, among arid and sun-baked clods, in a land with little water, it is difficult to find a vine in the face of great sacrifices. The Morgante winery has implemented its own growth project in the area dedicated to viticulture...

  • Moscato di Trani Estasi Franco di Filippo

    The Agricultural Company Francesco di Filippo (the ancestor of the Franc, the current winemaker) has inherited a history of over a hundred years. The company has its origins in the distant march 1887 in the office in Trani, in the beautiful region of Puglia, where it still resides in the cellar

  • Negroni Antica Distilleria

    Antica Distilleria Negroni founded by the late William Negroni, in Villanova sull'arda (PC) in 1889, and subsequently moving in the province of Treviso in the historic area of the river Piave, in the heart of the Marca Trevigiana. The lands of wine and with the vocation and of the best raw materials...

  • Nicola Di Sipio

    In a perfect context of climate, land, native grapes, the Di Sipio Nicola company is at ease. From plots with different altitudes, exposures, slopes, soil structure, we obtain fine, long-lived white mineral and red wines with an excellent alcohol content. ...

  • Olivero

    Olivero Daniele, owner of the Wine Company Oliviero in the alto Monferrato in the town of Cassine. Grower and manufacturer of native wines, craft expression and the image of an extraordinary territory. For a hundred years the family Olivero...

  • Ornella Molon

    Quality, excellence, the values that guide the Family, Ornella Molon, in their activities. Born in 1982 in Campodipietra, in the heart of the DOC Piave and Venice. In these territories, the Molon has invested his passion into a job, giving life to the historic cellars of the Doge Giustinian...

  • Paladin

    The wines come to life in the fertile lands and, above all, are born from the hands of men and women who have skills, tenacity, experience and passion for viticulture.

  • Palmento Costanzo

    ... extreme and unique wines, recognizable thousands of km from their origin, represented as the Cru Contrada Santo Spirito, Di Sei and Mofete. ...

  • Paolo Conterno

    Conterno Paolo, born in 1886, today Giorgio Conterno at the fourth maturity of wine growers and lovers of the concept "the perfect Barolo". The continuous ...

  • Paolo Scavino

    ... 1921 in Barolo in Castiglione Falletto. Farmers lent to agriculture for a hundred years, a true family passion. Errico Scavino, heir, began as a young man to follow in the footsteps of the founders ...

  • Paolucci

    The Land of Abruzzo knows how to enchant you with its natural landscape, rich of history, culture, and tourism. Land of vineyards and wines known in the world, the stories of the producers of excellence...

  • Petrolo


    The Fattoria Petrolo is located on the eastern and western slopes of the Val d'Arno between the plain of Arezzo and the Florentine hills, where the climate is favorable for vines, and different types of soil qualitatively characterize Petrolo's oenological products.

  • Pezzuoli

    The farm cultivates vineyards Pandya always on the fertile land of the Modenese Plains Hill. Cellar Pandya leads and raise their varieties controlled denomination of origin of the famous vineyards of Lambrusco Salamino di Santa Croce and Lambrusco di Sorbara, Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro and other great wines.

  • Piancornello

    Sangiovese and Ciliegiolo vineyards surrounded by splendid centuries-old olive trees, working in first person, working for the environment and respecting practicing organic agriculture

  • Poggio Cagnano

    Dietro ogni calice di vino si cela una lunga storia raccontata da Uomini e Donne che si prestano donando la propria anima, passione e molti sacrifici. Anni di lavoro e tanto orgoglio quando …

  • Pomario

    ... Pomario Winery positions its own estate. We can define it as "Aristocratic" because the Spalletti Trivelli family descends directly from Venceslao Spalletti Trivelli - Rasponi, nephew of Carolina Bonaparte ...

  • Pure Sardinia

    Sardinia, a fantastic island that continues to surprise us always. The seemingly distant holds areas of natural beauty sometimes rugged and wild and the history of a people essay that is of their own resources...

  • Rallo

    ... Eternal union between nature and knowledge. To highlight this work are above all the wines that speak in the glass. In fact, the wines of this historic winery, in recent years, are increasingly convincing by elegance, complexity and reliability over time ...

  • Regia Dogana

    The "Regia Dogana" is a farm in Puglia of Capitanata, producer of wines (Grand Cru).

  • Rigoloccio

    From the Cantina Rigoloccio only international vines with Maremma DNA. The Rigoloccio winery is located at the foot of Monte Calvo, in the heart of the Grosseto metalliferous hills. The area was previously of mining interest and the company itself takes its name from an ancient mine.

  • Riva di Rocca

     detentrice principale per superficie vitivinicola in Italia. Vitigni bianchi e rossi sono coltivati nella zona pianeggiante, sia sulla fascia collinare a distingue il terreno fertile e clima mite. In alcune zone di produzione i vitigni beneficiano particolarmente del .

  • Rivera

    Cantina Rivera…. Long centuries have passed and selection lists of varietal clones, have led to the affirmation of the great Apulian oenological potential with black grapes: Nero di Troia...

  • Roberto Voerzio

    ... production of absolute excellence, through work, stubbornness, courage and concrete choices to produce Barolo and wines capable of representing it in the mondod'Alba.

  • Roccheviberti

    An important wine area in the world as aristocratic for the succession of high-sounding names in historical times. Piedmont holds geographical areas and denominations closely linked to native vines ...

  • Russo Taurasi

    In 1999 Ermanno Russo decided to re-plant the vine in the place where he grew up, extending the property and building the winery in the town of Taurasi in Carazita.

  • San Fabiano Calcinaia

    San Fabiano Calcinaia organic winery is located in the temple of Tuscan enology. The DOCG par excellence of Chianti Classico. ...

  • Santacosta

    The company Santacosta has a long story to tell, which is dedicated exclusively to viticulture traditional...

  • Scriani

    In the heart of Valpolicella Classica in Fumane, on a beautiful hill called Monte S. Urban, there is The farm Scriani and the property's vineyards. Land, which is particularly suitable for vineyards destined to the production of high quality...

  • Siddura

    … The mission of the Maison Siddùra is the international recognition of Vermentino Siddura. The purest expression that Sardinia is best able to express. The territory, the tradition of the winemakers and the winemaking potential of the grapes, blend the union tradition ...

  • Simone Giacomo

    The Bio conquers the spaces and minds of people. In the heart of Sannio, at the foot of the Matese and Taburno Parks, in the territory of Castelvenere and Guardia Sanframondi, the Simone Giacomo winery is ...

  • Stroblhof

    Stroblhof cultivates the most renowned vine of Alto Adige, and enters as a representative and founder of the Association of Independent Winegrowers of South Tyrol. Offering quality, combined with traditional production methods in modern cellars, sets the seal of guarantee for South Tyrolean winemakers

  • Tappero Merlo

    Protecting and conserving what has been handed down for generations in a community, in a place, becomes the most "extreme, revolutionary" act that Man can perform ...

  • Tenuta Attini Domenico

    Tenuta Attini Domenico is firmly founded, strong of sound principles towards the enhancement of products with a strong territorial connotation, supported by production methods respectful of the wine-growing and eco-sustainable traditions

  • Tenuta Cocevola

    The Azienda Agricola Marmo Maria contrada Cocevola at the foot of "Castel del Monte" is a young reality, young.

  • Tenuta Col Sandago

    The high vocation and historic wine region Veneto.

  • Tenuta Cucco

    Only autochthonous vines for the Rossi family, such as the grapes of the Cerrati cru and Vigna Cucco. The well harmonized cellar is fully reflected in the standardized project already for La Raia, adapting and certified Demeter

  • Tenuta di Aglaea

    Tenuta Aglaea, in fact, is an assembly of culture and culture, as well as the lively expression that keeps the beauty, the splendor, the glory, and the magnificence of an Earth tightly bound and that surprises all those who want to love it

  • Tenuta I Gelsi

    Tenuta i Gelsi is set in 10 acres of Vineyards & Wines of high natural value, that is, they are those plants which have to be placed on the volcanic land...

  • Tenuta l'Impostino

    Wines that nature and the scandal of the seasons have created and are able to express themselves in the glass with uniqueness ...

  • Tenuta Mattei

    The farm Mattei was born about 20 years ago as a family company land and work for third parties in the wine sector.

  • Tenuta Riccardi

    The Riccardi family, an ancient wine family already in the 1400s cultivated in the territories of Bobbio. The heir, Ernesto Riccardi, in 1906 realizes the winery by acquiring part of the estate of the Marquis Giorgi in Soriasco, near the medieval village...

  • Tenuta RipaAlta

    The Puglia region of Capitanata speaks and presents to us some of its hidden treasures, of which The Seal Ripa Alta is a protagonist in the delightful process of production and valorization of the territory and of the wine products. Cultural traditions, historical and...

  • Tenute Campana

    Tenute Campana, a total area of 180 hectares of which 22 hectares of vineyards in Modena, in the land of Lambrusco and Pignoletto wines. It represents the projection of the new ...

  • Tenute Chiaromonte

    Being a main actor in his land. The Chiaromonte Estate is located in the cradle of the DOC Primitivo di Gioia del Colle. It has reached the cultivation area of grape vines Primitivo a alberello, imported from the Greeks in Puglia, very important...

  • Tommasi

    Being united in a large family has always been the essential element, the engine that drives everything. A story that she began in 1902 from a husband, a wife, a family, a company.

    That company now in its fourth generation is the Tommasi family in the Valpolicella Classica. Mutual respect is its foundation. In fact, all nine brothers together with their cousins manage the company and the strategies, leading to the entry of the fifth generation.

  • Tornatore

    Tornatore family since 1865, they hold historical records of tradition and production of native red grapes: Nerello Mascalese and Nero Cappuccio and white grapes: Carricante and Catarratto, grapes strictly hand-picked. We are in the presence of a particularly difficult territory, we dare to call it "extreme"...

  • Torre Rosazza

    Friuli winemaking therefore adopts careful cultivation techniques, traditional winemaking which consolidate the scientific basis for increasingly excellent quality productions ...

  • Torricino

    The Di Marzo family is the Azienda Agricola Torricino in a unique partnership, a story of men and women linked by love for the land.

  • Turchiarella

    The bakery biscottificio Turchiarella, is a handicraft company that produces baked goods is from about 3 generations.

  • Unico Vero Amore

    Riccardo and Peter, a declaration of love to their land. Born with the Love shown to the Lands of Sicily inside, they believed to their passion of making wine, today the harvesting of the fruits. You tell us: “Eat the world and drinking in the sun...

  • Vaona

    A country that goes, traditions that you find, to these the task of maintaining the status of which boasts the denomination Valpolicella DOC ...

  • Vie d’Alt

    Borderland and the Schioppettino di Prepotto area, authentic and unique by nature. In Nadia's wine project there is respect

  • Vigna delle Ginestre

    Giacomo Ascione is the owner and co-founder of the "Ascione" farm, he is the sealer of the Cantine Vigna delle Ginestre

  • Vigna Lenuzza

    Vigna Lenuzza is a small family business in Prepotto that produces high quality organic wines. Owner and winemaker Daniele Lenuzza is a visionary with a strong passion for winemaking, while his wife Tanika Paris-Lenuzza is the Export Manager with an outstanding ability to recognize the right opportunities.

  • Vigna Traverso

    The Winery Vigna Traverso is part of the family Molon since 1998, with 22 ha of vineyards in Prepotto, province of Udine. The guide of Giancarlo Traverso, the founder and the deep estimator for the wines of the Colli Orientali del Friuli, and followed by his son Stefano Traverso...

  • Vigneto Ferrari

    Vigneto Ferrari, the centenary history of winemakers of the best Lambrusco, a family tradition from the 20th century and the tradition of Emilia to the conquest of the World ...

  • Villa Colle

    Welcome to the wine farm Villa Colle, in an overbearing manner in the immensity of the National Park of Gran Sasso, in the municipality of Torricella Sicura...

  • Villa Corniole

    Valle di Cembra alpine landscape of rare beauty, land of "heroic viticulture" of Trentino-Alto Adige. Generations of viticulturists with commitment have built and modeled one of the most evocative panoramas of Trentino. The Pellegrini family is an ambassador of this beauty and Villa Corniole is

  • Villa de Varda

    The Cav. Dolzan has no doubts; the best distillate in the world is Grappa; convinced of the superior quality of that produced with his own method, and ready to sign each bottle ...

  • Villa di Corlo

    Love for the land, conserving the traditions enoiche, technological innovation, openness to the new world, are the cornerstones of the farm Villa di Corlo

  • Vino Vece

    Vino Vece

    Vino Vece is a family company based in the province of Parma in Emilia Romagna, a region where food and wine are treasured by locals and tourists alike. With generations of experience producing wine using their traditional family method, a few years ago they decided to branch out and put a name to the product, launching Vino Vece!

  • Vite Colte


    A big well organized family produces unique and interesting products. This is what happens in Cultured Lives, art to grow vines. Knowledge and dialogue between different generations, peasants combined with experience, typically Piedmontese tradition, passion for accurate work; the other research and scientific knowledge.

  • Zago

    The farsightedness and stubbornness of Angelo Zago, custodian of traditions in the field of viticulture, from a farming family, founds his existence by dedicating passion and work to his vineyards. The Zago farm over the course of five generations, in fact since the mid-nineteenth century, involves his entire family in this adventure.

  • Zanasi

    You can define wines centenarians, those produced by the winery Zanasi that has seen spending three different periods...

  • Zymè

    The name Zýmē from the Greek means "yeast", represents the fundamental element in the world of enology. Located in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica, in the ancient sandstone quarry dating back to the fifteenth century and seals the strong bond between the Zýmē philosophy and the territorial identity.


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