Mazzetti d'Altavilla

Barricade of the Mazzetti d'Altavilla Distillery

Mazzetti d'Altavilla was born in 1846 by Filippo Mazzetti in the heart of Altavilla in Monferrato, in Montemagno, he founded the first distillery for the production of grape distillates. The Distillerie Mazzetti Altavilla brand is among the oldest in the world of distillation. Today it officially becomes a historical brand of national interest.

The recognition is assigned by the Ministry of Economic Development and rewards the historic Piedmontese distillery that has been the bearer of widespread values since 1846. It concerns the brands that have been used for the longest time, at least fifty years, in the marketing of products/services made in a national production company of connected excellence to the national territory. These can obtain registration in the register of historic trademarks of national interest at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office.

Grappa Mazzetti d'Altavilla is produced from the pomace of vineyards in the heart of Monferrato, in those times it was considered a by-product in the wine production process. Often they were not selected at the best as is the case today in order to be artfully distilled, like Filippo Mazzetti and after his son Luigi, they used to ennoble the content of this noble raw material, transforming it into a precious and inimitable distillate.

Initially it was a tiring and expensive process, over the years they learned to know and appreciate the distillates obtained from the pomace from the different areas of Monferrato, discovering the immense sensory heritage hidden in its blends.

In the 20th century, the Antica Grapperia Mazzetti distillery consolidated itself as a productive reality in the tradition of the Monferrini distillers and became, with Felice and Franco from 1902-2015, the prestigious and award-winning Mazzetti grapperia, both in Italy and abroad. Today, 170 years after Filippo's first travels, the seventh Mazzetti generation with Cesare, Nicoletta and Giorgio present us with the single-variety Mazzetti Grappa collection with long aging. Pomace distilled with art and passion handed down from generation to generation using only copper steam stills with the discontinuous method. Grappa Altavilla from the most traditional to the most refined and aged are representative of all the perfumes, biodiversity and traditions of Monferrato.

''Prima Material'' Grappa in the kitchen

The new restaurant concept in Mazzetti d'Altavilla.

It is an opportunity to delight the palate of the patrons of the new restaurant concept born in the heart of the Monferrato hills, at the Mazzetti Altavilla Grappa. The name ''Materia Prima'' presents a laboratory of flavours, where, starting from the culinary traditions and typical products, we continue to give value to the roots while looking to the future with conviction.

The continuous study of sensory combinations arouses intense. The combination of the gastronomic specialties and the distillates of the Antica Grapperia Mazzetti Altavilla can be carried out after having tasted individual courses to give life to principles of conjunction that can enhance the specific aromas and flavors of the dishes. Courageous combinations amaze the palate and make the aromatic and fragrant face of Piedmontese distillates more aware. Examples to be reproduced in every season, to create one more reason to visit Monferrato and discover the gourmet side of distillates.

Riconoscimenti internazionali della Distilleria Mazzetti d'Altavilla:

Master distillers of Altavilla Mazzetti, since 1846 it has become the most historic grapperia in the North-West. The prizes concern Special Brandy 27 Years, Special Brandy 20 Years, Grappa 7.0 Riserva Ruchè. Asia Import News awards the Special Brandy 27 Years with the Gold Medal, both Grappa 7.0 Riserva Ruchè 100% Cru. As part of the International World Drinks Awards, Casa Mazzetti wins the prestigious World's Best Grappa award as yet another confirmation of the popularity of Grappa 7.0. At the International Wine & Spirit Competition Silver Medal for Spirito di Amaro and again for Grappa 7.0 Ruché 100% Cru.

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