Grosjean Mountain wines

Grosjean Vins: A 400 Year Old Aosta Valley Tradition

The history of the Grosjean family, renowned vignerons of the Aosta Valley, has its roots in the first decades of the 1600s. Originally from Savoy and Burgundy, the Grosjeans were invited to settle in the Aosta Valley by the Duke of Savoy to repopulate the region after the plague of 1630. With dedication and sacrifice, they transformed abandoned land into productive vineyards, developing a winemaking tradition that continues today.

The early years

Since the 17th century, the family has cultivated vineyards between Chambave and Fénis, gradually growing in the wine business. The passion for viticulture has been passed down from generation to generation, with a particular emphasis on quality and tradition.

The Rebirth in the 60s

In 1968, the founder Dauphin Grosjean bottled the first ciliegiolo wine, achieving great success at the "II Exposition des Vins du Val d'Aoste". Since then, the family has decided to dedicate themselves entirely to viticulture, supported by Dauphin's five sons: Vincent, Giorgio, Marco, Fernando and Eraldo.

Towards Quality in the 80s and 90s

The last decades of the 20th century saw a renewed commitment to the production of high quality wines. The family has rediscovered and enhanced native varieties such as Fumin, Petit Rouge and Cornalin, perfecting oenological and agronomic techniques.

Expansion and Innovation in 2000

With the construction of a new winery in 2000, production grew to meet ever-increasing demand, also expanding into international markets such as the United States and Japan. In 2011, Grosjean Vins converted to organic cultivation, becoming pioneers in the Aosta Valley.

A New Generation in 2018

Today, the third generation of Hervé, Didier, Simon and Marco continues to carry on the Grosjean family's winemaking tradition, producing wines appreciated throughout the world and welcoming an ever-increasing number of visitors to their cellar.

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